Teslaberry provides you the most mindfuckin questions, to sharpen your wits. The obvious solution is not always the answer, we have to take the other route to reach our destination. So, give your brain a teslaberry dose to keep it away from rust.

This berry will make you as smart as Tesla. Believe me.....!

We currently are a team of 4 people working on this game. The website-development is handled by Mohit Chattlani who also initiated the idea to build this platform. The graphics work is handled by Swapnil Biswas and Sidhant Arora who have an all time love for artwork and the questions have been provided by Akshin Bhardwaj who loves Lateral thinking and is also a part of High IQ societies. The idea of this website was inspired by our mentor Lloyd king, the famous puzzle maker.

teslaberry Inc 2020.
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